Low price guarantee

100% low-price guarantee

Auto Schiess offers a low price guarantee on all new cars! Thus, the new car you have chosen is nowhere more favorable to purchase than at the Autohaus Schiess AG. Should you find your dream car on a different platf bnorm cheaper than at Auto Schiess, we will refund you the complete difference. But not enough: We will also give you a bottle of champagne and a CHF 200.- shopping voucher! This offer is valid until the date of purchase (contract signature), on the identical model and is valid exclusively on the new car offer.
Get started immediately: Choose your favorite new car, compare it and take advantage of the unique low price at Auto Schiess. We guarantee you that the way to the discounter is worthwhile!
The low prices of the Autohaus Schiess AG are ensured by mass import, the tax differences as well as currency differences. These price advantages are directly passed on to the customer by Auto Schiess. Here you can find more information about the new car parallel import.  We would be pleased to provide you with further information about the low-price guarantee under 044 947 60 60.
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