Direct import / new car import

Direct import and new car import

Auto Schiess enables the best prices through direct import / parallel import. Thanks to the direct import, a new car, which is on the location of Auto Schiess, is nowhere cheaper to purchase. If you find your dream car in a different platform cheaper than at Auto Schiess despite the 100% low price guarantee, we will refund you the difference.

What means new car direct import / parallel import actually?

And how can new cars be offered so cheap?
Direct import / parallel import is the most commercial import of goods produced abroad, which are imported through a distribution channel via free automobile dealers. Through the direct import, new cars can be bought more favorably because of tax differences as well as currency differences. These price advantages are then passed on to the customer by the Autohaus Schiess AG.

The legal assessment.

Is importing vehicles legal?
Yes, the Competition Commission (Weko) has already stated in its notice on the anti-competitive treatment of vertical agreements in the motor vehicle trade of 21 October 2002 that it is intended to prevent foreclosure of the Swiss market and to promote competition within the market.
It is also aimed in particular “to stimulate competition in the customer service market”. Also in the following explanation of the Weko of 15 September 2010 to the aforementioned notice has repeatedly pointed out, that it was expressly intended to couteract the foreclosure of the Swiss market in motor vehicle sales. Thus the import of vehicles according to the Weko decision of 2002/2010 is allowed and absolutely legal.

What is a day-registration?

A new car with day- registration is an unused, new-quality stock vehicle that is available at the dealer’s premises or in an intermediate storage facility.
Apart from a possible delivery time from the intermediate storage, it is immediately available.

What the different between an import vehicle and a domestic vehicle?

These are small deviations which can not directly affect the consumer or which can be changed by the customer himself, such as the language of the navigation system. The manufacturing conditions for an import vehicle are exactly the same as for a Swiss car. Thus, an imported vehicle is a vehicle from the official manufacturer which has been approved for the market.

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